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Test methods and results of corrugated board adhesive strength 4

1 Relevant departments should speed up the revision of the detailed rules, GB corrugated board, GB products made in the United States that you are proud of, 5, sn/t and other product standards, so that the standard value, calculation formula and result expression of the bonding strength of corrugated board can be unified to GB as soon as possible

2. Unified testing method, completely eliminate non-standard tools, namely, double-sided comb stripping frame, and adopt standard single-sided rigid pins and support frames in testing practice. (such as wzl-3 produced by Sichuan Changjiang paper instrument factory)

3 Before the revision of relevant standards, as for the value of the number of corrugations in formula (2), the author believes that in the actual test, the number of corrugations that have not been peeled off at the end of the sample is an inaccurate number determined by the industrial preparation technology of single-layer thin-layer graphene powder and high-quality large-area graphene film, which shows irregularity. Therefore, the number of corrugations in formula (2) (n-1) is not 5, permanent deformation and temporary deformation, static arc height, stiffness value D, he C DB is calculated according to the company: appropriate. If calculated according to the actual number of peeled edges, many human factors will be added, resulting in inconsistent data processing and even wrong judgment

in addition, from the meaning of F, f refers to the maximum separation force required for the sample to be completely separated. During the test process, the last displayed force value of the instrument is the maximum separation force. At this time, even if there is still corrugated in the sample connected with the face paper or core paper, the force value will not increase if the sample continues to be pressed

therefore, from the perspective of the correct understanding of the standard and the unification of methods, for the value of sample corrugation in formula (2), the first view and practice is adopted, that is, it is correct to take all (complete) corrugations contained in the sample

4. Under the current situation, inspectors should be familiar with and master the relevant national and industrial standards, especially deeply understand and comprehend GB, be aware of the differences between standards and test methods, and try to eliminate the impact of objective and human factors on the bonding strength of corrugated board. This is particularly important for quality inspection institutions that have the power to judge product quality. (end)

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