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Test method for temperature and pressure uniformity of multi-layer PCB press

it is essential to use the press during the processing of multi-layer PCB, and the pressure uniformity and temperature uniformity of the press have a considerable impact on the quality of the press. How to regularly detect its stability through testing, so as to ensure the press quality of products. There are relevant discussions on this issue in the forum. Now the discussion results are summarized as follows:

1 Pressure uniformity test method:

for pressure uniformity test, there is a special induction paper, which is equivalent to Laogao copy paper. The effect is better, but the price is very expensive. In addition, standard lead bars can be arranged in the press for testing. After that, the residual thickness of each section of each lead bar can be measured, and its additional length can reach 40 feet to know the uniformity of the press, and the value can be quantified

in addition, the more old-fashioned method is to put carbon paper on a piece of white paper, press it, and then check the impression left on the white paper after pressing. You can know which position of the press platform is not pressed enough and which position has uniform pressure. It has shown a slow and declining trend

2. There are 3 kinds of bending resistance tests Test method of temperature uniformity:

use thermocouple thermometer to make several more thermocouple wires, and then place nine or more points according to the position of the platform. After pressurization, record the temperature data of each position, and then count the data and make it into a chart, which can easily see the temperature uniformity of the whole pressing platform. At the same time, the change of temperature reproducibility can be obtained through multiple tests, so that the performance of the press can be evaluated when the system verifies the measuring tools. (end)

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