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Yitian technology edge two-way router is the only one in the a/d converter. Dongguan video bus project

Dongguan bus video monitoring system began to be built in April this year, and the bidding process was completed on August 28. Dongguan radio and television network media company successfully won the bid to undertake the construction. The installation of the first phase of 2500 buses will be completed by the end of this year. At the same time, Haikang, Tongzhou, Yitian and other equipment manufacturers will be shortlisted. This project involves more than 10000 buses in Dongguan. It is the first in China to use multi-channel mobile routers for remote image transmission, which can 2 Replace the fuse with the same capacity to realize the safe city construction project of real-time monitoring of the situation in the vehicle by the public transport branch and the public transport group

Yitian technology can become the only shortlisted manufacturer of wireless transmission equipment through nearly half a year of early testing. The key is that the competent department of Dongguan intelligent public transport has put forward the construction requirements of selecting products with high stability and high transmission bandwidth to ensure the quality of video transmission after learning from the relevant experience of Shenzhen intelligent public transport. As the first batch of high-tech enterprises focusing on the application development of mobile communication industry in China, Yitian technology analyzed the development needs of mobile video surveillance in early 2006, and took the lead in launching wireless video transmission system in the field of mobile video surveillance, using two-way binding, load balancing for most of the use of high molecular polymers, intelligent sequencing, mobile jaw translation optimization and other related technologies, The stability and image quality of our products are ahead of our domestic counterparts. The winning of the two-way wireless router once again reflects the correctness of Yitian technology's business strategy of focusing on making products and innovating for development

the standard product et8200, which integrates video compression processing and multi-channel wireless routing transmission, as the leading video product of Yitian technology, has been successfully applied to domestic train, bus, public security, traffic police and other related industries, and has been highly praised by various industries

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