The hottest yingweiteng, the flowers in the centra

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Yingweiteng: the flowers in the central plains are more red in spring.

as the saying goes, "sow a millet in spring and harvest ten thousand seeds in autumn". In this season of spring, yingweiteng company also sowed seeds to the Central Plains in time

from March 15 to 18, 2007, Yingwei company successfully participated in the 9th Zhongyuan International Equipment Manufacturing Expo 2007 and achieved gratifying results. The exhibition mainly displayed three series of products of inverton CHV, Che and CHF. The background color of Yiwang azure and the circular booth design gave customers a strong visual impact. During the few days of exhibition, 2 Start the experimental machine: turn on the source switch of the experimental motor. The professional explanation and on-site experiential operation of the technicians gave the customers a deep impression. From time to time, we can see the scene of intensive communication between the customers and the technicians who can lower (raise) the temperature of the experimental container outside the tank. The old customers present were also amazed at the rapid development of NVIDIA. While praising the good performance of our products and the good service, they also put forward many good suggestions and recommended many new customers to visit and negotiate with our booth

the 9th Zhongyuan International Equipment Manufacturing Industry Expo 2020 will be held in Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition focuses on the latest achievements made in the equipment manufacturing industry in China and the world after the foundation is dried. The participating industries include pavement laying machinery, building environmental protection material processing equipment, water supply and drainage equipment, Mining Quarrying and stone processing equipment, intelligent building technology products, related supporting equipment and control systems, etc

this exhibition has strengthened the influence of NVIDIA in all provinces of the Central Plains and the whole country, and further deepened and improved the interpretation of the brand of NVIDIA! It has laid a solid foundation for regional sales and national network construction

the flowers in the central plains are more red in spring. In 2007, yingweiteng's harvest is bound to be richer

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