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In recent years, the rapid and exciting development of China's communication network, and the scale of communication infrastructure and networks in various provinces and cities have expanded year by year. Taking Guangxi Province as an example, Guangxi Mobile has achieved continuous coverage of 99% of urban, county and township areas in 14 cities in the region in recent years, as well as effective coverage of 99% of administrative village areas, and has built the widest coverage, the largest capacity Advanced technology and excellent quality mobile communication network

the huge network system is a big test for communication emergency support. From May 25 to 26, China Mobile held emergency communication drills in Fangchenggang and Chongzuo, Guangxi, and six provincial mobile companies competed on the same stage

this drill is based on the assumption that an accident occurred in a nuclear power plant, resulting in the interruption of communication around the power plant. It is necessary for the emergency support team to confirm the on-site situation and restore the communication in the designated area of the nuclear power plant. The drill passed the time limit to go to the assembly point, confirm the radiation level on site, open the satellite vehicle and large communication vehicle, and carry out UAV signal test and other projects, synchronously test the response speed of the real-time notification of the monitoring center and the proficiency of the relevant support personnel in material scheduling, vehicle location, drill progress, etc

in the drill, the advanced equipment of the emergency commandos attracted attention. Scenario 1: the support personnel use the UAV test signal to survey the disaster, and set the large communication vehicle as a mobile base station; Scenario 2 is set as communication rescue in the case of natural disasters. The communication support personnel manually pull the optical cable across the river through the roller skating system, and the support materials are quickly sent to the affected areas. The advanced communication equipment ensures that the rescue personnel rush to the scene at the first time to solve the problems

at last, the optical fiber welding competition was held. Companies from all provinces in Guangdong Province competed with each other on the same platform

view7 optical fiber welding machine of Yinuo instrument has become the participating model of Guangxi mobile team, and view7 has helped it achieve the good results of third place in welding time and second place in comprehensive time with superb performance

among the view series models, view7 is famous for its work efficiency, its heating time is shortened to 13 seconds, the single core welding speed is increased by 53% compared with the previous generation IFS series, and the number of welding heating cycles per day is increased from 480 to 800, an increase of 67%. In this emergency competition, the high-efficiency performance of view7 has won a lot of time for the participants who are "flammable" and even most high-molecular materials. They can quickly complete the fiber melting work in a simulated rush repair. In addition, view7 has the advantages of low welding loss and 520 times high magnification. The aspiration of people in the era of the Internet of things is that billions of terminals are all connected and have a good touch, which brings users an extraordinary experience in the process of use

view7 not only has Baumert said: "One of the innovative ways is to transfer the products that have been mature and utilized in one field to other fields. The excellent performance also provides guarantee for optical construction and emergency communication. China has a vast territory and diverse geographical and climatic conditions. With the white hot construction of optical network, more and more regions have joined the ranks of all optical provinces. The construction and maintenance in different network environments is a big test for the performance of communication products. Yinuo view7 optical fiber welding machine It can work in the climate with altitude of 0~5000 meters, relative humidity of 0~95%, and -10~50 ℃, and can resist the wind speed of 15m/s. Generally, these standards have strict provisions on sample preparation and experimental methods. View7 has adaptive discharge function, which can be automatically adjusted according to air pressure and external temperature. Its dust-proof, water-proof and seismic performance enable it to work efficiently in harsh environments. These are indispensable advantages in communication support

the successful holding of this drill is not only an affirmation of the achievements of mobile communication construction in Guangxi, but also a perfect embodiment of the rapid progress of China's high-tech in the information trend: 4G network construction system integrated command vehicle, unmanned aerial vehicle survey signal, large communication vehicle used as mobile base station, and the use of advanced optical communication equipment for network repair, etc. Yinuo optical fiber welding machine will give full play to the high-tech performance of Yinuo's full set of hot-melt solutions. In the future, it will continue to present perfect quality for customers, ensure the smooth operation of one party's communication, and contribute to the road of strengthening China's network

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