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Yinqiao dairy has built the largest liquid milk production base in Northwest China. The second phase of Xi'an Yinqiao liquid milk project with an investment of 180million yuan, a key engineering project in our province, has been completed and put into operation. The completion of this project marks the completion of the largest liquid milk production base in Northwest China in Lintong

Yinqiao dairy industry is a leading enterprise in the agricultural industrialization of the country, provinces and cities. After investing 120million yuan to build a liquid milk production base in Lintong Economic Development Zone in 2001, they broke ground on the second phase expansion project of liquid milk built with 180million yuan of national debt support funds in early 2003. The project is located in the scenic Development Zone at the foot of Lishan Mountain, covering an area of 43400 square meters and a construction area of 21298 square meters. It is constructed in strict accordance with international GMP good manufacturing practices. The project has introduced 20 countries such as the United States, France, Germany, Sweden and Denmark to meet the growing future demand. The structural principle of more than liquid milk production equipment, wear-resistant wiping experimental machine, is meaningless and uneconomical to implement full-automatic control, and the process is in line with international standards. It mainly produces "Yinqiao brand" yogurt, fresh milk, Chinese students' drinking milk, ultra-high temperature sterilized milk, pasteurized milk and lactic acid bacteria drinks with high-tech content High value-added series of liquid milk

it is reported that at present, Yinqiao dairy has invested 300million yuan, introduced more than 30 world advanced production lines, and the annual output value of the enterprise will reach 2billion yuan, which will greatly promote the rapid development of regional economy and drive the substantial growth of beverage, transportation, packaging and printing, restaurants and other related industries

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