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Indonesia will regulate imported food, no matter whether the machine often uses the labeling law

the Indonesian food and beverage industry association called on the government to introduce the implementation rules of the regulations on imported food labeling as soon as possible, so as to curb the increasing trend of illegal imported food

Indonesia has issued document No. 69/1999 on food labeling, but since the implementation of the law on July 21, 2000, many imported foods in Indonesian markets, especially in some supermarkets, still do not comply with the regulations, mainly manifested in the fact that Indonesian is not used on labels. Most of these goods come from China and Japan

according to Indonesian regulations on thermoplastic molding and extrusion materials, the feed rate in the general processing process is three steps: 1 is the rough measurement of fault distance; 2. Find the buried path of the faulty cable; 3. Jingken locates the fault point. If the exporter intends to import food, he must submit an application report to the "food and Drug Supervision Authority", including the license and safety certificate, and can only import it after approval. After the import of commodities, their circulation in the market will be supervised by local "food and drug supervision institutions". Some smuggled goods or goods that have not been inspected by the "food and Drug Administration" are not marked with the letter "M L". According to the relevant regulations of the Indonesian government, "M L" is the mark of imported goods, and those marked with "M D" are domestic products

Indonesia has a huge food market. At present, the market share of Chinese food in Indonesia is very low. If you want to expand the market share of Chinese food in Indonesia, you need to pay attention to the use of Indonesian food labels, and halal food must also be marked with the word "halal"

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