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Yinjiang County, Guizhou Province, relies on rich forest resources to develop understory ecological industry. Green forests release more dividends

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Yinjiang County, Guizhou Province, is lush with forest coverage of 69.86%. Relying on rich forest resources to develop understory ecological industry is a major feature of Yinjiang. In recent years, the county has promoted the mode of "leading enterprises + cooperatives + bases", focusing on the development of understory planting based on forest bacteria and forest medicine, and understory breeding based on forest birds, forest livestock and forest bees, reasonably developing characteristic products and developing experience tours in forest scenic spots, so that the forest can release more green dividends

in autumn, I came to Yinjiang Tujia and Miao Autonomous County in Guizhou Province, surrounded by mountains and emerald mountains

in recent years, Yinjiang county has firmly established the development concept of "green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains", relying on mountains for living, planting green to protect mountains, making fruit mountains greener, tea mountains more efficient, and forests and mountains release energy. At present, Yinjiang county has a total area of 50000 mu of forest resources, 10000 mu of cultivation under the forest, 10000 mu of collection and processing of products under the forest, and 30000 mu of Forest Landscape Utilization; The economic output value under the forest exceeded 1billion, driving 10000 households and 32000 people to increase their income

Guoshan Tianlu

"eat Naili and say I love you. There is a story of 'Li' in Fushui fujiagou!"

in August this year, with the promotion of the "Wenjun poverty alleviation · entering the field" column of Yinjiang Rong media center, Naili in fujiagou village, Heshui town entered people's vision, and the crisp and delicious Naili was snapped up by consumers

"I didn't expect to sell so fast! This strengthened everyone's confidence!" Yang Yunfu, Party branch secretary of fujiagou village, was overjoyed when the fruit farmers harvested the first pot of gold for planting Naili

fujiagou village in Heshui town is located in the depths of the mountains, with poor natural conditions and weak infrastructure. There are 777 people in the village, and 332 poor people with registered cards. In recent years, more than 80% of the village's labor force has been working outside all year round, and 90% of the land has been abandoned

who will plant abandoned mountains? What kind? How

in the spring of 2017, after going out for investigation and study and village group meeting discussion, fujiagou implemented a new round of returning farmland to forests project according to local conditions, adopted the development mode of "village collective economic organizations + large households", and concentrated on planting nearly 1000 mu of Naili in succession, adding new green to the barren mountains, so that farmers can increase their income. When making samples, we should pay attention to new hope

after three years of careful management and protection, 60% of the plum trees in fujiagou are bearing fruit this year. Crisp and delicious Naili hung on the branches, making people salivate. In addition to the publicity and promotion in the county, for a moment, Fu Jiagou Naili became popular

"planting Naili not only makes barren mountains green, but also increases economic income." Yang Yunfu said that during the Nai plum harvest season this year, an endless stream of tourists came to the village to pick Nai plums, and the income of 100000 Jin Nai plums reached more than 600000

"open up wasteland to the sky, plant land to the edge, plant a big slope in spring, and harvest a small basket in autumn" is the portrayal of Xipu village in the past. In recent years, focusing on the goal of "green barrier on the mountain, fragrant fruits in the mountain and beautiful countryside below the mountain", the village has continued to implement the project of returning farmland to forests, and the barren mountain has become a vibrant green industrial park

nowadays, industrial prosperity, ecological beauty and people's wealth have become the realistic portrayal of Xipu village. Tianjingfu, Secretary of Xipu village Party branch, said, "at present, there are more than 3500 mu of economic fruit forests dominated by citrus in the village, with an annual output value of more than 15 million and an annual income increase of more than 1000 per capita."

planting Naili on the wasteland of fujiagou has greened the mountain, and planting citrus in Shijiao of Xipu village has enriched the people, which is a vivid practice of promoting the green mountain and enriching the people project in Yinjiang. The head of the Yinjiang Forestry Bureau said, "we should not only make people rich, but also have ecological beauty. Green is the foundation of the sustainable development of Yinjiang."

since the 13th five year plan, Yinjiang county has taken the opportunity of implementing a new round of returning farmland to forests project, combined with low yield and low efficiency forest land transformation, rocky desertification control and agricultural comprehensive development projects, to develop characteristic forestry industry, which not only makes the mountains covered with "green quilts", but also makes the people drum up "money bags"

at present, the county has developed 210000 mu of bamboo, tea, pepper, pomelo, peach, plum, citrus and other forestry industries, more than 56000 mu of artificial afforestation for rocky desertification control, 309900 mu of mountain closure for afforestation, involving 286 villages in 17 towns and townships of the county

On the morning of September 2, Wu Chaomei, a villager from caijiapo, Bai village, Heshui Town, took farm tools and stepped on dew to pick tea green in a tea base as usual. Wu Chaomei said, "during this period of time, picking tea can earn more than 200 a day at most. If you pick tea for a long time, you will earn more. At this time in previous years, there was no tea harvest."

two years ago, due to the influence of market, technology, capital and other factors, the tea planting rate of more than 150 mu in Bai village, Heshui town was not high, and the average income per mu was less than 1000. Tea farmers were careless about management and protection, and the tea garden was abandoned year by year

in the winter of 2018, some are not mature. Yinjiang Huipu tea company settled in Heshui town and took over the "green baton" managed and protected by Baicun tea garden. After more than a year of careful management and protection, the old tea garden is full of new vitality

"this year, the income of tea plantations in Bai village alone is nearly 3000 per mu, and the income of people picking tea is more than twice that in the past, which should be said to be a quantitative and qualitative change." Xiang Yu, general manager of Yinjiang Huipu tea company, told me

improving the quality and efficiency of Baicun tea industry is only an epitome of Yinjiang Huipu tea company's adoption of the "company + cooperative + farmer" model to develop the tea industry. In addition, the company also covers and drives nine villages, including Heshui village, Daxi village and Qinfeng village in Banxi Town, to develop 1500 mu of tea gardens to improve quality and efficiency, and pays 1.2 million people's labor fees and tea picking fees every year

walking into the tea production workshop, a thick smell of tea came, and more than 10 machines were busy processing autumn tea at full power

"the processing has not stopped this year, and the rate of tea under trees has increased by more than 20% Xiang Yu said that the company's tea picking method combines "mechanical mining + manual mining", coupled with the orders of your tea group and the drive of Hongyuan tea company, the market has been opened up, and there is no need to worry about sales

at present, it is the key period of autumn tea picking and processing. Walking into Meituo village, RaoXi Town, Yinjiang River, jiangjiaba village, Yangxi Town, Tuanshan village, Xinzhai town and other places, you can see that tea picking and processing are busy

Qiaoyujie, director of the office of Yinjiang tea development center, said that the rate of tea planting in the county increased by 30% this year, mainly due to the improvement of the degree of tea mechanization, the optimization of tea processing sites in the county, the tea picking technology, the statistical data of the tested samples will be stopped printing and training according to the requirements of the experimental report, and the help of ordered products

at present, Yinjiang county has formed a good pattern of tea industry led by leading enterprises, driven by regional central enterprises, and participated in the development of professional cooperatives. It has promoted the unified packaging, standard, brand, price and marketing of products, and achieved 100% acquisition of tea primary processing products by leading enterprises and 100% acquisition of large-scale tea by central enterprises, promoting the management and protection rate of tea gardens to 100%

Lin Shan release energy

under the pine forest in Gaozhai village, Heshui Town, Yinjiang County, workers are busy sorting out weeds on the land. Hechangming, the person in charge of the base, told: "the trial planting of 26 mu of Dongsun under the forest last year was successful, and we will continue to plant it this year." The forest coverage rate here is 82.6%, and the altitude is between 850 meters and 1250 meters. The perennial foggy climate in the forest is very suitable for the growth of wild bacteria

in March last year, after investigation and demonstration by many parties, Gaozhai Dapo adopted the operation mode of "company + cooperative + base + farmers", relying on the local good natural ecological resources, imitating the wild cultivation of 26 mu of Dongsun and raising more than 2000 chickens under the forest, which improved the output of forest land and achieved win-win ecological, economic and social benefits

these days, the woods of lengshuixi village in RaoXi town are full of Dongsun eggs, and a bumper harvest is in sight. Ao Yang, Secretary of the village Party branch, said, "mushrooms are good and grow well. They can be harvested and listed in October."

at the beginning of this year, lengshuixi village, Wenxi Town, with the help of the technical support and financial support of the Guizhou Academy of Sciences, used forest land resources to develop 100 mu of imitation wild cultivated winter fungus under the forest and 900 mu of wild winter fungus conservation area. At present, the village is preparing to promote the cultivation technology under the forest to the masses, and encourage and guide villagers to use their own forest land to cultivate edible fungi

different from Heshui and Wenxi, pingwo village, Luochang Township, while protecting the forest land resources, uses the natural forest land resources of Tian to establish subsidiaries and research and development centers abroad, build a large live CS field base covering an area of more than 30000 square meters, develop forest tourism projects, and continue to expand the collective economy of the village

on August 1 this year, the large jungle real person CS base in pingwo village was opened to the public, and the quiet mountains and forests became lively, making it an ideal place for people to punch in for summer vacation. Yang Haibo, a tourist, said, "it's cool and exciting to experience the jungle crossing battle. The equipment and battlefield simulation are in place and very enjoyable."

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