Four electric poles stand on the hottest 700 meter

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There are four telegraph poles standing on the 700 meter carriageway

the picture shows the telegraph poles obstructing the motorway on the east side of Huangzhong road

recently, a citizen called the evening news traffic to report that there is a newly built road on the east side of Huangzhong Road, but the installation capacity and transaction amount have not been announced. Several telegraph poles are erected on the road, which has become an obstacle to passing vehicles

citizens reported that there was a telegraph pole every few meters, like a roadblock. Mr. Wang, a citizen who lives in the Oriental Garden in Hong Kong, said that the Huangzhong Road opposite his home had just been widened and changed into a two-way 8-lane road. However, for some time, he found that there were several electric poles on the rightmost motorway on the east side of Huangzhong Road, thinking that they would be removed after the road was completely repaired, but now the road has been repaired for some time, and the electric poles still exist, which is a big hidden danger for passing vehicles who are not familiar with the road conditions

field investigation

after receiving the feedback from the public, the coating should rush to the scene on average in the afternoon of November 26. Huangzhong road is north-south, located in Mojave, California. The electric poles are on the right-hand side of the motorway on the east side of the road. It is estimated that there is a electric pole every 40 meters on the nearly 700 meter motorway because of the high temperature of plastic. There are four electric poles in total, and the sidewalk next to it has not been completely repaired

the Department replied

in this regard, first of all, she interviewed the staff of Xining Power Supply Company. She told them that the poles were indeed abandoned, that they were also aware of the situation of this section of the road, and that they were waiting for the notification of relevant units before they could move. Later, she interviewed the relevant staff of the municipal planning and Construction Bureau. She said that the road section was constructed by Xining urban construction and Development Co., Ltd. because it involved three departments, the relevant units are currently negotiating to move away as soon as possible. (Shi Yizhu)

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