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Yingxuan yx656h assisted in the commencement ceremony of Wuhan expressway project

yingxuan yx656h assisted in the commencement ceremony of Wuhan expressway project

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on December 20, the commencement ceremony of Wuhan Dawu expressway construction project was held in Huangpi District, Wuhan city. Yingxuan heavy industry Wuhan has made a large number of imported instruments with high prices occupy the middle and lower levels for a long time Wuhan Tianli Haoyang Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., a high-end and even low-end market distributor, took part in the ceremony with yx656h loaders and helped the smooth commencement of China's railway construction with products

commencement ceremony

to ensure that unexpected problems will not appear when applied, Wuhan Dawu Expressway starts from chenjiaji Nanhu village, the core of Wuhan Yangtze River New Town, and ends at Dawu County, Xiaogan City, the hometown of red tourism. The total length is about 78 kilometers, and the project investment is estimated to be about 13 billion yuan. The completion of this project will further open up the northern artery of Wuhan, which has a history of more than 910 years. We have the ability to promote the comprehensive development of industry, optimize the layout of Wuhan's export highways, increase the capacity of Wuhan's northbound channels, accelerate the economic and social development of Wuhan's urban circle, and promote the construction of Wuhan's national central city

yingxuan heavy industry loader

the display product of yingxuan heavy industry at the ceremony site - yx656h is one of yingxuan heavy industry H Series 50 loaders. With detailed quality assurance and practical performance characteristics, it has become the preferred choice of most customers

as a heavy-duty loader, yx656h is lengthened in the wheelbase. This change in detail increases the tipping load of the whole machine and improves the stability of the whole machine

ready to go

the reasonable matching of the transmission system and the engine makes the whole machine more powerful, more reliable, but the fuel consumption is relatively low

the optimization of the details of the bucket structure improves the strength and wear resistance, and the bucket wall and bottom are more wear-resistant in operation, especially in the shoveling and transportation of ore and gravel

yingxuan yx656h assisted the commencement ceremony of Wuhan expressway project

the driver's cab of the loader was set with ergonomic gears, which also made the loader more comfortable, simple, flexible and light in practical operation

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