Four directions for the future development of the

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Four directions for the future development of the coating industry

four directions for the future development of the coating industry

December 23, 2015

[China coating information] after years of development, the coating industry has increasingly exposed various problems, and many coating enterprises began to think about new directions for future development. For the development of coating enterprises, if they are separated from the creation of products and brands, it will be like a fish that has lost water and will eventually die. Therefore, enterprises should grasp the development trend of the future paint market and adjust the development strategy accordingly

expand a broad market with products that are easy to corrode in outdoor environment.

the most fundamental basis for whether the market can be opened is the quality of goods. The quality of commodities refers to both the internal quality of commodities and the external form of commodities. A good commodity must be both internal and external

the person in charge of a paint brand believes that the paint industry is going to be brilliant, and the quality of the paint must be strictly controlled, starting from the material selection and blanking. Those who do not meet the standard can understand the quotation of the detailed experimental machine and can directly call for consultation! The advantages of electronic universal testing machine testing machine 1. The selection of components is solid, and the oil pump is internal gear. The pump products are not allowed to enter the market. We should be self disciplined from the source to create our own quality. At the same time, we should also pay full attention to the external form of goods. With the improvement of people's living standards, people have higher and higher requirements for the quality of life

the function of paint has long been more than just the facade of home. More and more people hope that the door also carries the role of decoration, reflecting the owner's personal will and home style. Whether the style is simple or gorgeous, whether the color is bright or thick, whether the style is modern or traditional... These contents are closely related to quality, which need the attention of current paint manufacturers. Making your own quality is by no means a day's work, but for tomorrow's market, we must build up today's quality

create a strong brand to show the strength of the enterprise

insiders generally believe that the paint industry still has no absolute advantage in production design process, and the use of brand combustible materials must be strictly restricted. "Development is an important way for the promotion and sustainable development of paint products. The brand covers many aspects from production to packaging to service. In the final analysis, it is the "comprehensive national strength" of an enterprise Empire, which must be paid full attention to

in fact, in our daily consumption, the choice of paying attention to "brand" is actually paying attention to the brand of products. Therefore, in the process of development, coating enterprises should brand their products in time, let the brand drive the effect, adhere to the development theme of "green, environmental protection, nationalization" and adapt to the development of the future coating market

green materials become the first choice for environmental protection coatings

although the standards of green products determined by various countries are different, they will all emphasize that the product should be beneficial to people. Figure 1 shows the characteristics of the health and environmental protection of the composition structure of the hydraulic energy digging material testing machine. According to the World Health Organization (who) white paper, harmful gases in the air in two-thirds of buildings in the world exceed the standard, and more than 64% of the pollution sources come from wood products. Implementing the green development direction of coating products is in line with the interests of market consumers and the direction of sustainable development of the industry. It is imperative to benefit the country and the people

the market leader of a coating enterprise pointed out that building a resource-saving and environment-friendly society is the basic national policy for China's sustainable development in the future. Paint is one of the necessities of people's life. While ensuring the living space, maintaining the health of consumers is also an important content that cannot be ignored

the coating industry is gradually moving towards "internationalization"

the strong driving force and advantage of China's coating industry is that private entrepreneurs have an indomitable upward spirit, which is the original driving force for China's coating industry to dare to shout "globalization" in the cold winter of the global economy. The second is the low cost of human resources in China. The human capital mentioned here includes not only the human capital of production, but also the cost of scientific researchers and management teams, which is relatively low compared with other countries in the world

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