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The "four elements" of o2o reform in door and window enterprises

with the rapid development of Internet, e-commerce channels have impacted the traditional manufacturing industry, and the door and window industry has also been affected. In the process of taking the development route of e-commerce, enterprises have gradually explored a new route - o2o. That is, online and offline collaborative development, but the cooling of doors and windows can not be too fast. Only by grasping the elements and entry points of reform and development, can enterprises take a good but road

for traditional door and window enterprises, o2o is a major change, and its "four elements" are very prominent

1. Enterprises are required to operate with "user experience" as the core. The completion of door and window product sales is just the beginning, and the subsequent interaction with users through networks and offline City gatherings are more important

2. Require door and window enterprises to focus on their "core resource capabilities" and focus on the most elite offline stores, which can be moderately abandoned for some general stores

3. Enterprises are required to pay attention to "network management", show their brands and products on the mobile Internet, and informatization, digitization and networking of their resource capabilities

4. Enterprises are required to pay more attention to regional experience and terminal experience. After users purchase products, it is only the "beginning of sales". Enterprises should help them install and repair, and offline terminal experience and installation services are becoming more and more important

in a word, under the trend of interconnection, traditional door and window enterprises can only develop rapidly and not be eliminated by the times if they are energetic, enterprising and actively integrate into the o2o tide

how do door and window enterprises choose o2o depth entry point

vacuum insulation board 1. Choose the mobile terminal to create a new future

now, promoting o2o requires door and window enterprises to have choices. The existing PC terminal has been seized by platform e-commerce to occupy the development commanding height and occupy the first mover competitive advantage in advance. Door and window enterprises want to develop the PC terminal e-commerce platform. Realizing resource accumulation, capacity reserve, network presentation, etc. on the PC terminal will be far behind the industry pioneers. At present, it is the time of the rise of the mobile Internet tide, The strong brand of PC terminal is also in the period of rapid brand development, and there are still a lot of growth opportunities for door and window enterprises. Therefore, door and window enterprises can create a better future by working on the mobile terminal

2. Promote o2o and strengthen the role of multi-channel drainage

force the mobile end. Door and window enterprises also have many options, such as building B2C malls by themselves or entering existing mobile malls, such as wechat stores, pocketpass, etc. there are many building materials and home furnishing brands stationed. No matter what expansion mode is selected, traditional door and window enterprises need to strengthen the role of multi-channel drainage when promoting o2o. When entering wechat malls, they should consider the traffic, investment policies Support policies, etc. when building a B2C platform, we should consider the key aspects such as offline physical store drainage and network activity drainage. Windows and doors have to promote the construction of o2o, so micro mall must be built, and mall traffic is an important aspect that must be paid attention to

3. Continuous communication and interaction are the key to the success of timely replacement of o2o doors and windows

in the traditional business logic, "selling goods" is the leading position, and it is impossible without sales volume. Under the background of the emerging mobile Internet era, the traditional business logic is facing great challenges, selling products to customers is only a leading step, and we also need to help them complete a series of follow-up professional services such as testing, installation, maintenance, and maintenance, This is the essence of o2o promotion of door and window enterprises, which requires more continuous communication with users, communication through network communities, interaction through network communities, and sales through customer relations. These are the key to the success of door and window o2o. A single product sales cannot achieve o2o, and continuous communication and interaction with users can help door and window o2o do something

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