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Yinzhou Lake paper industry base is expected to become a national pilot of circular economy

recently, it was learned from Xinhui District Economic and trade bureau that Yinzhou Lake paper industry base, as one of the first batch of circular economy test samples in Guangdong Province, is expected to become the second batch of national pilot units of circular economy. At present, the Guangdong Provincial Economic and Trade Commission has submitted an application to the national development and Reform Commission

it is reported that Yinzhou Lake paper industry base is one of the three major paper making bases in Guangdong Province during the Eleventh Five Year Plan period, with a planned area of 24 square kilometers. After completion, it can produce more than 10 million tons of all kinds of paper and paperboard, including household paper, high-grade cultural paper, packaging paper, etc. It is predicted that after the completion of the base, the output of paper products will account for about 12% of the country, and it will become a famous paper industry gathering area in the country. It is estimated that by the end of the 11th Five Year Plan period, the output of paper and paper products in this base will reach more than 3.3 million tons/year

as one of the first batch of circular economy pilot projects in Guangdong Province, Yinzhou Lake paper industry base 19. The owner of statistical processing [statistics] should study and plan the implementation schemes of heat supply, power supply, cooling, water supply, centralized pollution control, comprehensive recycling of waste, etc. in the base. According to the circular economy characteristics of the paper industry base, the planning and design uses waste paper in the use of raw materials, including cold inlay and hot inlay, to turn waste into treasure, reduce the use of wood, and use the pulp residue produced by high-grade paper to produce corrugated base paper; At the same time, based on the existing mode of Shuangshui power plant, it will be used as a public engineering island to provide centralized heating, power supply, cooling and water supply to the base, and implement the quadruple supply, so that the water recycling of different paper production enterprises in the base and the grade cascade use of paper pulp slag can be realized. Through centralized pollution control, the ecological environment of Yinzhou lake water body can be protected and improved, so as to improve the energy utilization rate, reduce the total water intake, implement cleaner production, and achieve energy conservation Consumption reduction and environmental protection. Through the comprehensive recycling of the paper industry base, the water, electricity and steam consumption of each ton of paper will be significantly reduced, including energy conservation and consumption reduction of 30%, industrial water consumption reduction of 28%, industrial water reuse rate of 76.71%, wastewater emission reduction of about 60million cubic meters per year, solid waste emission reduction of about 900 tons per day, and the waste gas, wastewater, waste residue, etc. generated by the base will all meet the emission standards after comprehensive utilization, Realize environmental protection and sustainable development. At present, Shuangshui power plant is running the country's largest circulating fluidized bed generator set, and is striving to create an environmental friendly national demonstration power plant; Through centralized water supply and sewage treatment, the paper industry base realizes the gradient utilization of wastewater, and the concept of green environmental protection has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people

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