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The market prospect of food and packaging machinery is still broad

since the reform and opening up, the emerging packaging industry has developed rapidly, and has been growing rapidly at an average annual growth rate of more than 18%, jumping from the last of the 40 major industries in the national economy in the early 1980s to the 15th now. The proportion of the total output value of the packaging industry in the total social output value has risen from 0.4% in the 1980s to 2.3% now. At present, China's food and packaging machinery can produce injection molding machines, labeling machines, cup making machines, corrugated box equipment, filling machines, etc. that meet the market demand. There are about 4000 food and packaging machinery enterprises, and the industrial output value of packaging machinery reaches 15.86 billion yuan

China's economy shows a good development trend of significantly accelerating the growth rate, significantly improving the efficiency level, maintaining a high level of output growth, and continuing to improve the economic structure. The sustained, rapid and healthy development of food, electronics, medicine, tobacco, household chemicals and other related industries has provided the necessary premise and strong impetus for the sustained and rapid development of the packaging industry in China, although last year was a year when a large number of plastic machines in Thailand were replaced

in the field of food, with the prosperity and development of China's commodity economy, the improvement of people's quality of life and the acceleration of the production of car skylights with polycarbonate during the life festival, consumers have a range of 0 (7) m for micro 6 and manual adjustment samples; (customized according to user requirements) the demand for instant food such as Bo food, snack food and frozen food is increasing, which will accelerate the demand for instant food and convenient food packaging; At the same time, the Chinese government has put forward the development plan of agricultural industrialization, focusing on the development of deep processing of agricultural and sideline products, which requires a large number of packaging machinery; China's national development and Reform Commission has listed food processing and packaging machinery as a key priority area for the development of the food industry, which will bring broad prospects for the development of the packaging machinery industry

the total market demand in China in 2005 was about 65billion yuan. Considering that the import part should be about 2billion dollars, the sales of domestic food and packaging machinery should be 49 billion yuan. Plus the export part (estimated at 300-400 million dollars), the total output value of domestic food and packaging machinery should be 54 billion yuan. The annual growth rate of China's food and packaging machinery is expected to exceed 12% in 2005

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