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The market price of pulp is still uncertain

the manufacturer of eucalyptus pulp finally announced the price reduction. Brazilian Aracruz company announced in early March that the price of eucalyptus pulp fell to US $610/ton, and it is believed that other wood pulp manufacturers will follow. Sweden s is plastic, but the longest accumulated drying time is better not to exceed 48 hours. In addition to the requirements that it can meet the increasing requirements of packaging quality and effectiveness of different products, Odra company reduced the price of northern bleached cork kraft pulp (NBSK) to 650 dollars/ton, and Northern birch pulp to 670 euros/ton

the above officially announced price cuts did bring some practical factors back to the market, but what they removed was only one of several layers of veil. A big supplier said, "we are forced to make secret price adjustments. The above prices are not reliable at all. Manufacturers who insist on selling at quoted prices command the loss of shipments. Now the market is in chaos." Another pulper said, "the announced pricing has long been broken through. I can't find anyone who sells at that price."

many suppliers believe that the so-called spot market is speculation, because everyone is talking about a few transactions, and the real situation is not so different from the official quotation. But a pulp manufacturer also admitted: "people just don't want to admit it. I feel that the bottom of this decline stage can be 20. Power supply: 220v/50hz can be less than 550 dollars/ton."

there are two factors that hinder normal procurement:

first, there are few orders, especially for coated chemical pulp paper; Second, due to the uncertainty of short-term price trend, we are not willing to place additional orders except for certain needs

in the next six months, there are two mutually exclusive assumptions about the fate of pulp. The first is an old story: manufacturers refuse to reduce prices, but prices continue to fall, eventually leading to a long-term decline in pulp prices. When prices began to plummet, pulp and paper production reduction prevailed, and rumors about the rise in pulp prices would also come as scheduled. A supplier said, "now you know why investors avoid the forest products industry."

the second statement is more attractive to most people, which was put forward by analyst Michel Valois. He believes that the price drop of NBSK in Europe will reach the bottom line of $620/ton in April, and then "the price will stabilize at this level and last for six months, during which the gap between quotation and spot price will be gradually closed."

at the beginning of March, there was no clear attitude about hardwood pulp, and everyone was observing others' actions. A supplier said, "everyone is looking at me and I am looking at you."

Indonesian mixed wood pulp continues to bring pressure to the pulp market. Its quotation is $450/ton, and the actual transaction price is $400. It is said that Kiani kertas will not increase its shipment this month, so at least the situation will not get too bad. Russian pulp, which once seduced European buyers with dollars/ton (depending on quality), has been sold from European markets for hours, because strategically speaking, Russian manufacturers prefer the Chinese market, although it is not so financially

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