The market price of titanium dioxide in East China

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The market price of titanium dioxide in East China has risen

since the end of August, the price of titanium dioxide in East China has reversed upward, of which the price of titanium dioxide (R930) has increased from 17875 yuan/ton in late August to 18217 yuan/ton since the end of August. The price pattern shows an upward trend

recently, there are rumors in the industry that there may be a 200000 ton annual titanium dioxide project in Shandong Province to be submitted for approval. The construction period of the project is 2006-2008, with a total investment of 4.9 billion yuan. Especially in terms of environmental protection, the feasibility study report is currently being prepared. LEGO will invest 1 billion Danish kroner (152.3 million US dollars) in the construction of the project and add more than 100 employees. The content is to produce 200000 tons of titanium dioxide in daily life. The key equipment includes water washing tank, acidolysis pot, rotary kiln, sedimentation tank, etc., but the final implementation of the project has not been disclosed; Recently, the market demand for titanium dioxide has turned strong, resulting in the success of price bottoming

judging from the current situation, the price of titanium dioxide will maintain an oscillating trend in the future

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